The important functions in 24*7 blood service include:

  • Collecting donor details (Our ultimate target of the year 2015 is to collect 2 lakh donor details for our database!!)
  • Verifying the needs, raising tokens and solving the needs.
  • Arranging blood donor and confirming it
  • Promoting our helpline number(9442911016,9894011016,9042011022) and blood donation awareness via social networking sites and other means

Our Vision

Our Vision “Every INDIAN must have easy and free access to blood and related services anywhere, anytime to save life and improve social harmony”.

Our Mission

Our Mission To create awareness and appeal to drive, life giving blood donation amongst the masses.

Our Process of implementation:

  • Our organization receives request for blood, verifies for legality and talk to the available blood donors in that particular area. Then the right donors are linked to the patient’s attender.
  • On an average,we arrange over 30-40 units of blood each day for emergency case. We have our registered volunteers who themselves act as donors and also aid in finding donors for emergency needs.
  • In order to create new blood donors, we conduct awareness programs with blood donation camps to create awareness about blood donation, eligibility to donate blood, who can donate, who can’t donate blood, who asks blood in which situation, benefits of blood donation and we make them to donate blood for the first time
  • We place our stalls in various colleges, Exhibitions, Shopping Malls, Churches etc., all over Tamilnadu and Pondicherry to get donor details and distribute our visiting card to the public and thereby we bring awareness about “blood donation” and its importance among the public.
  • We have conducted 43 programs all over TamilNadu in various districts.
  • As of now we are concentrating on Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Suggestions for blood service are always welcome!!
Drop a mail to:

Helpline number(9442911016,9894011016,9042011022)